Bicycle repair and maintenance

We repair and maintain bicycles of all types and all brands. When you drop your bike at the store, we give you an estimate of the price and the date when you can come and pick your bike up.

At Magic Vélos, the bicycle maintenance formula is:

  1. the unveiling of the front and rear wheels
  2. the elimination of the clearance in the axis of the hubs
  3. the elimination of the clearance in the direction of the handlebar
  4. the elimination of the clearance in the pedals
  5. the adjustment of the brakes (change of the cables if necessary)
  6. the adjustment of the speeds (change of the cables if necessary)
  7. the adjustment of the front and rear lights
  8. the tightening of the pedals
  9. the tightening of the left and right cranks
  10. adequate oiling and lubrication

Our customers testify

“I’m not rich enough to buy cheap”, says a customer. At Magic Vélos, I only come once; I only pay once too! And there are no surprises: the quote is direct and the manager does not charge extra for the change of a cable or a brake pad for example.

I am a convinced cyclist and I need my bike every day. It is impossible for me to be without my means of transport several times a year. That’s why I chose Magic Vélos. The maintenance of my bike is so well done that I only visit him once a year (or even every second year). For this customer, “time is money”.

The main advantage at Magic Vélos? The assembly and maintenance of the bicycles are being carried out by the manager himself. It is not an unskilled worker who works on my bike!

It is true that the maintenance service is a few euros more expensive than in some other bike shops. However it is at the end of the day more advantageous to go to Magic Vélos: his good quality work saves me both time and money. The inconvenience then is that I do not have enough excuses to pass by to say “hello”.