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  • Briza D8

    With a low-step through frame, larger 24” wheels
    and inspired by the famous bikes of Amsterdam, the
    full-size Briza D8 is easy to fold and serves up
    all the versatility only DAHON can offer. No more
    aching feet, bus fares or restricting schedules,
    see the city at your own pace. When you’re done,
    simply fold the bike away.


  • Wheel Size : 24″
  • Weight : 13.1 kg (29 lbs)
  • Folded Size : 82 x 32 x 90cm (32.3” x 12.6” x 35.4”)
  • Model No : LXA482
  • Frame : Low-Step-Through Design Frame, Dalloy Tubeset, with ViceGrip Technology
  • Fork : Smooth Riding and Stable Hi-Ten Steel Swept Blades
  • Handlepost :DAHON Forged Aluminum Radius-V Handlepost
  • Drivetrain : 8-Speed Shimano Altus Rear Derailleur and grip Shifter
  • Wheels : 24” Aluminum Rims w/ 28 Hole Front and Rear Hub
  • Brakes : Winzip Smooth and Powerful 110mm V-Brakes
  • Rider height : 150-195cm (4’11 »-6’5″)
  • Max Rider Weight : 105kg (231 lbs)


    ViseGrip latching mechanisms are very, very strong. Thanks to their patented design, they are marvelously easy to operate,with a smooth, ergonomic latch that fits easily in the hand. The hinge pin is of stainless steel and brass bushings buffer moving parts – quality all round.

    dahon Tech-Visegrip_300x300 copy


Patented Dalloy Aluminum offers 20% more frame strength than those made of 6061 aluminum.

Double-butted Dalloy tubes are thicker at the ends – where welding takes place and stress is highest – but thinner toward the center to minimize weight.

Tech-Alu frame icon_300x300 copy


In order to fold down into a compact package, our bikes feature extended stems with great adjustably for various rider heights. But this kind of stem needs specialized technology to make it strong and stable. DAHON came up with Fusion, a patented and refined arrangement that fuses frame, fork and handlepost into an unyielding unit that won’t let you down.

dahon Tech-Fusion_300x300 copy


The bracing angle of the spokes changes when a rim is made smaller. When a standard 100 mm hub is laced into a 20″ or 16″ rim, it results in a weaker wheel. To remedy this, DAHON pioneered the compact FrontHub:

dahon bikes Tech-Front Hub_300x300 copy


Those in the know understand that a folding bicycle’s success lies mainly with its hinge. We devoted years of RnD to refining our lattice forged hinge. The end result is feather-light but a heavyweight in strength and performance. DAHON achieves this through cold forging and CNC tooling, including stainless steel and brass components to stand up to all weathers and wear and tear.

dahon Tech-Lattice Hinge_300x300 copy


Folding bikes need something to hold the wheels together when folded. Our patented and elegant solution is Magnetix, a pair of magnets to keep things in their place.

dahon Tech-Magnetx_300x300 copy


One thing you don’t want on a folding bike is an oversized derailleur that complicates the folding process, leaves little ground clearance and exposes it to damage. The Neos derailleur line, with revolutionary low-profile design, mounts directly to the chain stay and solves these problems. Neos’ ultra-short cage delivers clean, quick and accurate shifting, doubling the amount of ground clearance.

technology neos derailleur


Think of the easiest, fastest way stow your bike and you get « Flatpak ». Bicycles equipped with Flatpak need no tools, and the user-friendly stem allows the handlebar to rotate 90°. The brake levers are exceptionally thin and the release levers respond to a flip of the wrist. Paired with one of DAHON’s patented folding pedal designs, you get a bike that goes from 3-D to 2-D in minutes, storing almost completely flat. The narrowest space becomes your bike’s « garage », with no one getting caught on protruding parts, pedals or handlebars.

dahon Tech-Flatpack_300x300 copy

Marque :
Type : Pliable/woufiets/folding bike
Prix : €929

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